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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What the f am I doing?

My younger, more tech savvy brother Kyle has talked me into starting a blog ! I've always had a lot to say, a heavy heart, and an unrelenting mind that never quiets. We'll see if I can let you into my world of thoughts, ideas and feelings in an interesting and articulate enough way to keep you reading. I will treat this blog as a column. I'll discuss life, love, politics, culture, love, social issues... are you sensing a theme here? I am undeniably a sentimental fool for love of the worst kind. So we'll see what happens I guess... It might be a day or two until my first official blog. My biggest fear is that I will projectile vomit all of my most profound and lame thoughts I've had in all over you right away. Therefore I am going to take a deep breath, probably have a glass of wine, and start to organize my brain a little... Talk to you soon.


  1. TESTING TESTING ??? Im just making sure I set this all up correctly...

  2. I love bloggin' its a great place to test your thoughts and ideas! check out mine when you can. I'm still trying to get peeps to follow. you could be the first :)

    miss ya!

  3. I'm excited for this! I think it's a great idea!! I'll look forward to hearing what you have to write, especially the "love" stuff! Haha... I'm a big sap myself.