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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So where was I ?

Ok, so if you read last Tuesdays post you should be caught up on at least the gist of my work history. If I had to sum it up Id say I have some pretty well rounded experience in all different aspects of the restaurant industry, sprinkled with a few odd jobs that revolved around customer service/ relations.

So here we are, Devin and I, in Chicago. Had a blast with all our initial visitors, and a great time exploring the new neighborhood. Now it was job time ! It was mid July and time to buckle down. We werent sure how to attack the city. Since there were so many different places we had heard about and wanted to go we decided to drive as opposed to taking the bus or train, this was because we didnt want to waste a ton of travel time between restaurants. The routine became to wake up, check craigslist for any ads that looked good, make a list of the addresses and hit the road. In between the places that were on the actual list we would go everywhere along the way that we came across. Some days we would be mostly downtown, others Lincoln Park, Roscoe Village, Old Town and everything in between.

I should take a minute here to say that Devin and I werent necessarily trying to get a job at the same place. Although, not only did we meet on the job ( kind of...) but have worked together for the past four years going on five( three of which we were dating) ! I know, insane. Many people wonder to themselves and sometimes out loud directly to us about how on earth we havent killed each other yet. Considering we have also lived together for almost two years now, it really is a good question, and one I have no answer to ! It is one of the things I am most proud of though, especially when I hear the stories of couples who have attempted the same feat. We get a lot of " How do you do it?", " I would kill him/her by the end of the week !". Well I dont know, but it would take less than one hand to count the times I cried at work for reasons Id like to blame on Devin, and every time I did it on the back dock of the restaurant sending others to care for my tables. In three years of dating and working together I think thats pretty damn impressive ! And when I really think about it almost every instance was on a Saturday, which meant it was our last shift of a really long week and both of us had just had it with everything, not necessarily each other. So anyway, our thought was if we ended up working in the same place that would be fine, but we were not setting out for that, in fact we liked the idea of meeting lots of new people through different jobs...

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