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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

and the story goes....

So to pick up where I left off a couple Tuesdays ago, Devin and I were not necessarily trying to get jobs together. We were on the hunt together though. We continued our routine of checking craigslist, making our own list and hittin the road... over and over and over. Until one afternoon I had an interview downtown and the plan was for Devin to drop me off and then continue his hunt until I needed to be picked up. So Im in my interview, thinking its going great, it was very casual and we talked about all sorts of things, different than most I'd been on. It was for a serving position at a downtown upscale italian trattoria. Great wine list and the food looked amazing. I had a good feeling about this. When it was all over I found out my instincts were right and my interviewer offered me the second part of their hiring process. It was called a "stage" pronounced st-aaa-ge...and I had never heard of it. It is kind of a meet the staff and hang around a bit interview, you get to see if you really are interested and vice versa. I agreed to it of course, and thought it sounded like such a smart idea. Why didnt all places do this? So we set a time and day, and I was on my way.

When I got outside I gave Devin a call, it turned out he was around the corner and there to get me in a matter of minutes. I got in the car and he politely asked me how it went down and what I thought about it all and patiently listened to me while holding in the fact that he had just been hired ON THE SPOT ! That bastard ! He had to one up me ! Just kidding, I was ecstatic for him and couldnt believe he let me talk for so long without interrupting!

So now we had one down and just one to go.... ME !

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