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Monday, September 21, 2009

Is everyone really a STAR?

I really am at a loss when it comes to the whole reality TV, myspace, everyones a celebrity world we seem to live in these days.

Although I do think it is interesting and exciting how the playing field has been somewhat leveled by way of outlets such as myspace, twitter, blogs and facebook, for the most part I feel its taking us down a weird road. Is it awful that I miss the days when a pretty face and body only made you a model? Maybe I am just embarrassed for the female race when some of these girls open their mouths. The thing is some of these girls are absolutely beautiful, and have gorgeous bodies that no one can deny, but as bad as this sounds they have forgotten their place ! It used to be that women lucky enough to be born with the looks to model would focus on just that, and work with photographers to create artistic, beautiful shots. Oh wait, we still have these models dont we? They just dont have daddy issues or the media disease that is taking over the world. These outlets have given every person with a void to fill a way to get the attention ( negative or positive) that they need. It used to take a little more talent and a least a bit of brains for someone to end up with a microphone in their hand, or a book deal. Obama even mentioned this in his speech to kids on their first day of school. He said something to the tune of its not as easy as it looks to become a reality TV star, professional athlete, or rapper. Kids are understandably confused. The media, and the fact that regular people have such unprecedented access to promote themselves and show the world is making life and goals and dreams really confusing. If I was in high school already when all of this was the norm Im positive my outlook would be different.

Last night I was tossing and turning ( Ive had mild insomnia my whole life) and with hopes of burning out my brain I turned on a show called REALITY HELL. I had never seen it before. I had heard of it and had a fleeting thought at first that it might at least have a clever twist compared to most of these shows. It works like most of the others, where strangers are competing for something they would never even think of wanting without the hopes of getting their 15 minutes of fame. In this case, though, one poor soul is being duped. All the other people involved are paid actors. So this one contestant, in this case " Louie", who was a perfect product of everything Ive been talking about in this post... total douche that thinks the contrived sparkle in his eye and six pack that is exposed less than 10 minutes into the show are taking him places. In this episode three dudes are competing to win the heart and purse of a "cougar" and this cougar is on its its last leg, obviously this is to make it funnier? Anyway he falls for it and goes for the win 150%. And really who can blame him? How should he know that the same industry that helped make him into the super douche that he is, has now turned on him in order to find a new angle to exploit (and I thought this would help me sleep??) .

I thought it wasnt possible for me to think any less of the reality TV industry, but now I do. This is too much for me to cover in one post without going on and on and on... So lets leave it at this for now. Watch my Tila Tequila clips and you tell me whether inventiveness/capitalism or self degradation and daddy issues are winning this battle????

And if I may say Tila, I completely understand the desire to address people who might be posting negative comments towards your fans, and I even agree that they could find better things to do. But first of all, you of all people should know that is the sole purpose of the internet. People enjoy a freedom to comment whether or not any one else gives a shit. So on the one hand, I think you are wasting your time , on the other if you had done it well and articulated your point AT ALL it might of made a difference... way to go and f@*k up your one opportunity to show us you have a brain cell or two... better luck next time.

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