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Saturday, January 2, 2010

You are what you eat ( and drink !) ....

This New Years Eve was unprecedented for me. I stayed home alone, made a little spread for myself, poured a cocktail and parked it on the couch ! And would you believe it? I had one of the most peaceful, fun and thoughtful NYE's ever. At some point I looked over my appetizers, my drink and thought about what I was doing and realized how much you could learn about me by all this...Ive always heard the phrase "you are what you eat" but had never really thought about it this way... Have a look at my photo and I ll try to explain this....

You will probably notice the beautiful flowers first. Devin gave me these for my birthday earlier this week. Birthday flowers = loving boyfriend. Home alone= loving boyfriend working late AND also indicative of my current unemployment ( not gonna go blow a bunch of money on amateur night !) .

So that covers the behavior and the flowers. Now on to the food and drink. You will notice a heavy cheese over bread ratio... this tells me two things... one Im trying to cut carbs in a half ass way, and two Ive been to Wisconsin recently! The lobster ravioli that Im eating on a night when Im home alone is a product of Devins shellfish allergy... feel too guilty to eat it in front of him ( he grew up eating and loving it only to become allergic later in life ) . Not sure if you can see them but there is a little bullet of cornichons ( a small french pickle) .... I have recently found myself enamored with all things french, I even made homemade duck liver pate !

Now my drink, maybe the most telling of all. Im gonna try and keep this simple. Its a white wine spritzer with ice and a plastic Jack Daniels stir stick. What does this mean? Im 32, trying to stretch one bottle of wine since I dont hold my alcohol like I used to, have a stir stick indicative of my past life in Arizona when I could hold my liquor and went to the type of events that were sponsored by Jack Daniels, and finally the fact that I no longer turn up my nose to pouring this over ice shows I have a boyfriend whose mother lives in a suburb of Milwaukee.... I realize this may not make sense to everyone. It was just weird to look down and read into everything on the table... You dont think about these things while youre setting out the food, or pouring the drink. There really is so much more behind everything you do than you realize. In that one picture, with a little thought, you can pretty much summarize my life right now ! Happy New Year !!!

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