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Monday, April 5, 2010

New art...

This a painting I completed recently. It's very different from my usual style, but has a very specific purpose. This is a wedding portrait for two very good friends o mine who recently got hitched ! Obviously it is a very funky, alternative take on the traditional. I wanted to take "till death do us part" to an extreme, and also incorporate the couples personality into the details. They are wearing their actual wedding attire, but are set against a desert sunset since they have been living together in Phoenix for years now, they also told me colors and flowers they like so I could bring those into the mix. This couple has a slightly western rock-a-billy style that I tried to capture. The photo makes it hard to tell but I used 4 layers of epoxy resin, painting between each one. When you see this in person it actually takes on a subtle 3-D effect....

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